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Missions Task Force

The Missions Task Force was created to further pursue Hope's involvement in the missions field around the world. We have been blessed to be a part of the mission's field effort both internationally and domestically. It is our desire to not only continue the relationships that have been developed throughout the years but to look for new ways to share the gospel to comminities both here and abroad.

If your heart breaks for those suffering around the globe, or if you yearn to see the gospel shared, then the Missions Task Force at Hope IBF is a great place to start. We meet on the second Sunday of every month. Please come ready to see the Lord work through you to share the gospel.

Hope has been richly blessed with the ability to support many missionaries around the world. Each of these missionaries bring their own gifts into play as Jesus continues to build His church.

Due to the continued increase of violence in many parts of the world, we have chosen not to place specific information about our International Missionaries on this website. However, we would like to share with you some of the efforts that are being made in the various parts of the world for which we are a part.

West Africa
What do basketball, prayer, turkey and soccer have in common? Short term missions! By coordinating with folks of varying skills from various churches, opportunities to help people in West Africa is possible at any time of the year. Logistical details come together with the help of the missionaries we support here.

Sometimes being far away from home doesn't just mean distance. Sometimes it means living in and being a part of a vastly different culture. This is exactly the experience of our missionary couple in Cambodia. They are advising, encouraging and preparing people to become spiritual leaders in a small village while at the same time reaching out to local children.

A high-rise international outreach in Taiwan ministers to people from varying backgrounds such as import/export specialists, government officials, educators and others who connect through the English language. These people desire a place to fellowship, bring their children and share their faith. The ministers you ask? Well, they also have varying backgrounds such as a teacher and a believing rabbi. They truly come from all walks of life. Not your usual congregation!

One missionary family will leave the states again soon to return to Pakistan to continue helping with earthquake recovery of the nationals in a very needy area. Even their children find ways to help and encourage. Ministry efforts involve engineering skills, medical helps and educational outreaches all while paying special attention to the spiritual sensitivity in a complex society.

Another missionary family ministers to a migratory people in the Philippines. The children attend school in Manila with ministry being split with school, teaching and travel to different areas of the country. The most responsive people that they come in contact with are the men. Many women listen and consider what is taught. They have been instrumental in helping with land rights which is a very serious problem as areas are logged.


John and Colleen Boyd
Wycliffe Bible Translators

John and Collen have 4 children, 3 girls and one boy and are currently living in New Mexico. If you would like to contact them, their e-mail address is jboyd333@cableone.net

Greg Christman
Great Commission Ministries

Greg is living with his wife Julie in Los Angeles. If you would like to contact Greg, his e-mail address is gman4jc@yahoo.com.

Eric and Audrey Blumber
Great Commission Ministries

Eric and Audrey also live in Los Angeles. Please contact Eric at eric.blumber@gcmweb.org and Audrey at audrey.blumber@gcmweb.org.

Shalom Sanchez
Great Commission Ministries

Shalom is currently living in Los Angeles. If you would like to contact Shalom, her e-mail address is shalom.sanchez@gcmweb.org or shalom@kairos.la.